Discount Prescription Medication

Because prescription drugs are uncontrolled in America, over 4,300 products had price increases averaging 21% in 2019 based on an article from Kaiser Health News. According to the CEO of Astra Zeneca, more employees are going without the medications that they need. 

We can save your business or your employees 30% to 80% on prescription medications through Benton Oakfield's prescription partner program.

  • Are you a self-funded or level-funded group?  Our prescription partner program can save your business a tremendous amount of money throughout the year.

  • Is your business fully insured, and you're not worried about prescription prices? Think again. Your insurance plan might not cover several popular prescriptions. Using our partner prescription services as a carve-out is perfect for saving money while complementing a fully insured medical plan. 

Contact us today at (212) 365-4553 to see how we can build you an employee benefits package that will save you money.