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Does your insurance broker treat you like a small fish in a big pond? There have been many group insurance agencies bought up and merged into large nationwide agencies and banks. You go from being one of their top clients getting personalized attention to dealing with a call center for your questions and problems.


Large employers have unique needs. Allow us to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis for your company. From this we will better understand what you are trying to accomplish with your benefits package. We can also discuss any problems you are experiencing and look for opportunities to improve or enhance your offerings. An extensive market analysis will then be completed. Our experienced team of benefits consultants will present an array of solid solutions and options that address your needs and budget in a systematic way.


We understand the tremendous demands placed on your employee benefits/human resources department and work hard to minimize the effort you must put forth to procure and maintain your benefits package.


Services include:

  • Strategic planning (funding and premium strategies, claim management, employee engagement)

  • Funding Strategies - Fully insured, level funding, self funding & captives

  • Affordable Care Act advice and counsel

  • Renewal planning / transition / implementation

  • Online onboarding, benefit communication and enrollment

  • Aggressive premium rate negotiations

  • Proactive and ongoing employee communications

  • Custom employee benefits guidebooks

  • Professional patient advocacy

  • DOL and ERISA documents

  • COBRA health insurance administration



Employee education and plan implementation are critical to making your group insurance understandable and successful. Benton Oakfield excels at making the complicated subject of employee benefits easy to understand. To help employees better understand your plans we build a custom Employee Benefit Guide explaining your benefits, the costs, providers and how to best use your plans. We make your employees better consumers of your hard-earned benefits dollars. 


Our clients look to Paragon Partners East Ltd. as a partner in achieving overall company goals. We have assembled a solid team of professional resource partners that can help you cut costs, make your business more efficient, and ensure a competitive workforce. As top producers with UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross and Cigna we have the experience and support to manage your plans. 

  • ThinkHR “ HR specialists are just a phone call away

  • Staff attorneys and in house HR specialists available at no cost

  • Payroll administration

  • Online onboarding, enrollment and benefit communication

  • HRIS systems

Let our benefits consultants do a vendor relations analysis for you today so you can operate your business more efficiently tomorrow!

Call today for more information 212-365-4553 or email us

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