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Dental Plans: The PPO vs. DMO

Comparison of benefits and limitations

Many dental insurance buyers have been pondering the PPO vs DMO debate for so long.

In the aftermath of this battle, there have been far too many questions that need answering that it is time to finally put an end to it.

It is pointless to confuse consumers with these two different types of dental insurance plans. All you have to know is how they differ and which plan will work best for you.

In order to determine which insurance option would be better for you, it is imperative that you understand your needs.

What's better, a PPO or a DMO?

Now that you've assessed your needs, let's discuss the differences between the two so that you can decide which one to choose.

Despite the fact that both plans belong to the traditional dental insurance category, the latest dental coverage plan available today is the discount dental plan, which provides membership benefits rather than paid coverage.

The differences between the two types of plans, however, extend much further than that:

A Comparison of the Pros and Cons

  • Adaptability

  • Pricing

1. Adaptability

One of the most important differences between PPOs and DMOs is their adaptability.

PPO clearly wins on this criterion. PPO plans are, without a doubt, more adaptable than DMO plans.

With its name alone, PPO plans already convey the idea of flexibility. After all, they contain the word "preferred," indicating that your preference is taken into account.

How does flexibility in PPO plans affect concrete outcomes?

Dentists can be freely selected in PPO plans. Choosing a dentist is up to them, and they may even switch dentists on their own. The dentist of their choice does not need a referral or approval. Regardless of which dentist they see, they simply receive the coverage that they have paid for.

Do PPO plans no longer include dentists in their network?

Dentists are still available through PPO plans, but you are not restricted to them. You receive maximum coverage if your dentist is a member of the plan, but if you choose one not included, you receive coverage up to a certain limit only. Dentists of your choice are still willing to provide you care with reduced fees.

2. Pricing

PPOs are favored by many, but the affordability factor complicates the contest between PPOs and DMOs.

PPOs offer greater flexibility, while DMOs are more affordable. DMOs, or Dental Maintenance Organizations, offer dental insurance that allows you to choose dentists only from their network of dentists.

Choosing a dentist, not in the network will void the coverage you paid for. A DMO plan, especially since it is the more affordable option, is fine if you don't mind some restriction on which dentist can take care of your teeth.

What is the best fit for you?

DMOs and PPOs maintain different dentist networks. Compared to DMOs, PPOs have bigger and better dentist networks.

PPOs have huge dental networks, some of which have close to 100,000 dentists spread across the country. In addition to delivering high-quality dental care, PPO dentists are also well known for their expertise.

In the past, DMO networks have been characterized by poor service.

Dentists are paid a set amount each month by DMO plans. No matter what services DMO members receive within a month, this amount remains the same. Due to this, DMO dentists are less likely to deliver their best work when they don't feel adequately compensated. Some DMO dentists have been reported to act in this way. This is a rare occurrence, but it has been reported.

Before signing up for a DMO plan, review the dentists included in the plan.

It is now easy to identify which of the two options is most suitable for you based on the main differences between them. You can stop your PPO vs DMO mental battle only by doing this.

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