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Maintaining Your Company Culture While Employees Are Working from Home

There’s no denying the fact that COVID-19 has transformed the way businesses function and operate. It has forced employees to start working from home to stay productive and keep the company operations going. This situation has had a transformative effect on employers, who have had to change their processes, schedules and workstations to stay on the right track.

The fact that employees are working from home shouldn’t have a negative impact on your company culture. You can go about maintaining continuity and helping your employees cope with the changing work circumstances in several ways.

Understanding the Difference: Perks Vs. Culture

Businesses may think that they can create an effective company culture by giving employees game rooms, free lunches, or other perks. However, creating a strong culture in the workplace is more than just giving free incentives and benefits to employees. However, a good culture can only be created when employees are inspired to work together towards a common goal. It’s not only the leadership in the company that is responsible for creating the culture. Every employee in the organization should work towards creating a positive company culture.

The Problem with Trying to Maintain a Culture Virtually

Working remotely from home has been a smooth transition for most companies, as they have taken advantage of platforms like Zoom and Slack to keep open lines of communication. However, there are also companies who have struggled to adjust to the change. A CNBC survey found out that nearly 54% of employees are facing difficulties in their jobs during the pandemic.

Businesses need to maintain morale and keep employees focused and delivering results for their organization. Holding team meetings and have regular conversations with employees isn’t possible for those working remotely, and even workers in the office have to practice social distancing. This is where company culture plays a major role as it ensures that your employees remain motivated and your operations work smoothly.

Ideas to Get You Started

If you want to maintain a strong company culture, the following ideas may be of help:

1. Communicate More Often

You must share as much information as possible with your remote workforce to keep everyone on their toes and to work towards the same goal. Make sure that you hold regular meetings with your employees to share ideas or discuss important goals with your team. Employees need to feel invested and feel that they are a part of the organization when working remotely.

2. Organize Team-Bonding Activities

You don’t have to make all your online meetings about work, as mixing things up now and then is going to help you establish a strong company culture. Hold a weekly social hour where employees can have some fun and stay connected with one another with team-bonding activities. There are a lot of games that you can play to keep employees motivated.

3. Relax Some Traditional Rules

Your company policies are necessary for maintaining standards in the company, but you can be flexible with some policies as people try to juggle working from home with their responsibilities at home. Not everyone is going to enjoy working from home or manage to be efficient, so you should ensure that you relax some policies to help out your employees.

4. Offer Employee/Family Wellness and other Resources

The current pandemic is hard for everyone, and you should talk with the administration department of your company to provide employees with resources to help them out. This is going to help out employees who are overwhelmed or anxious, which may be hampering their job.

5. Encourage New Ideas

You should encourage employees to share their ideas with you on a regular basis and give out rewards to employees with the best suggestions. Ideas that will help the business save time or money should be welcomed, and employees with the best ideas should be rewarded.

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