About Paragon Partners East Ltd

Business Driven,

People Focused. 

Our History

Paragon Partners LTD was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1992 and became one of the largest general agencies for employee benefits within the United States.  After working for the family business, Thomas Hart moved back to the East Coast to create Paragon Partners East LTD in 2017 based in the heart of New York City. With a combined family knowledge of over 70 years in the insurance industry, it's no wonder why Paragon Partners East Ltd is one of the fastest-growing employee benefits brokerages on the entire east coast.

Committed to You

Paragon Partners is a brokerage committed to you, our broker-partner through support, innovation and accountability. That means you will receive the highest-level of support and resources necessary for you and your employees to forge successful futures together.

We Provide Confidence

We have redefined what a broker is and should be. Our devotion to integrity and client-centered service is embedded in every facet of the organization. Paragon provides state of the art technology, complete back room services, employer training and personalized care. This instills the confidence you need to get out and do what you do best while knowing your employees are taken care of.

Connected & Respected

Paragon is perhaps the most well-connected, respected, innovative and nimble brokerage in the industry. Paragon is often called upon by those at the highest level for our insight and innovative ideas. What this means to you is that Paragon’s respected voice at the table is also your voice, helping to shape the future.